Attend a Screening Drive!

Upcoming Screening Drives:

We have several bone marrow registration drive events scheduled worldwide.  If you live local to any of the drives, please come out and register!  If you would like to volunteer at a drive, or interested in hosting/organising a drive yourself, please contact us!  CLICK HERE!


  • 14-Feb, 11am-5pm @ Youstar Media, Los Angeles, CA
  • 14-Feb, 1pm-2pm @ Duke School of Medicine, Durham, NC
  • 18-Feb, 10am-3pm @ H-Mart, Torrance, CA
  • 19-Feb @ Open Door Presbyterian Korean Church, Herndon, VA
  • 19-Feb, 9:15am-11:15am @ Tapestry Church, Los Angeles, CA


  • TBD @ Cambridge University Korean Society
  • TBD @ University Edinburgh Korean Students Society


  • TBD


  • 26-Feb, 10:30am-4pm @ Nampo Church, SongPaGu, Seoul

For more information about a drive, or to help us organise a drive near you (at your workplace, school, church, etc), please contact us!


Total Worldwide Screening Drives = 80+

Total # of people registered at Drives = 3,300+

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4 thoughts on “Attend a Screening Drive!

  • I understand that you need an Asian person for the marrow. I’d love to take The test, I’m Caucasian, but I live in an area in Norcross, GA that has heavy population of Korean people. Every one here is nice, I pray you find a donar soon! I’m blood type ab-


    • Dear Sheila, thank you for your note! There are 14K patients worldwide looking for a match, we still encourage you to get screened, perhaps you could be that 1 in a million for them!

      Pls pass along our website to any and all in Norcross if you can~ Cheers!!


  • Hello. I am 100% Korean and live in the States…Chicago, IL. Please send me a kit to see if I am a match. Thanks.


    • Dear Dennis, thank you for your willingness to sign up! You can order your free kit online at:
      this is for people age 18-44

      Otherwise you can order from:
      this is for people age 17-55

      After you fill in the information, they will send you a kit directly to your home! Thank you!!!


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