Demonstration: Swab screening test!

Here is video of Ally’s Dad, demonstrating how to do a bone marrow screening test.  There are different types of test kits – swab and spit.  Both are super easy to do.  A FREE kit will be sent to your home when you register – CLICK HERE!

3 thoughts on “Demonstration: Swab screening test!

  • Hi,

    I’m a Japanese and hoping that my friends in Japan could do the swab/spit screening tests. Do you think there is any possible way they can do the free screening test somehow?

    In my current work place, there are many far east Asia origin students/researchers. I am planning to send a mass e-mail with copying the link. Hope it would be fine for you, otherwise, could you please let me know which link to be used to ask them to register?

    All the best,


    • Dear Hiroto, many thanks! yes pls pass along our website and FB (we also have twitter handle @allysfight). The more ppl aware the better!

      In Japan, there is the Japanese Marrow Donor Programme (JMDP). Here is the link:
      I am not sure how the programme works exactly since the page is only in Japanese, but maybe you could take a look and let us know? Thank you again!!!!!


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